The Power of Power BI

12/2/2019 by Kelly Cummings

Microsoft’s Power BI is now the tool to supply visualizations to all forms of data, regardless of the type of profession for which a person is employed. Power BI is built for anyone with data that needs to be analyzed, and there just isn’t anything better in the realm of technology today.
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How Do I Manage Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 365, Are They the Same?

11/1/2019 by Chris Becher

One of the most popular migrations to the cloud is to implement Microsoft Office 365, followed by Exchange Online, Skype for Business (or Teams) Online and SharePoint Online services.  So, what are the differences between Microsoft 365 and Office 365?  Are they the same?  How do I learn the skills needed to manage services in the Cloud?
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PowerShell is FUN!

10/11/2019 by Troy Stoneking

I probably shouldn’t say this, but to be perfectly frank, there are four or five classes that I prefer to teach more than the rest. If you’re in a class with me, you probably won’t know that I like (or dislike) one more than any other. Having said all that, let me tell you about a class I’m especially fond of teaching.
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Microsoft Access trumps Excel

9/6/2019 by Kelly Cummings

In this commentary, you are going to learn the four basic parts of Microsoft Access and how familiarizing yourself with these four different objects will enhance productivity, keep your data safe and ultimately, provide peace of mind that any information you need to extract from the data set is at your fingertips any time it is requested.
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