Can't You Trust Anyone Anymore?

9/4/2018 by Troy Stoneking

When I’m working with a client and the topic of cybersecurity arises they want to talk about attacks from Russia, North Korea or various organized crime entities. But did you know that these types of threats are not the most likely avenue from which you’ll have a breach in your cybersecurity? In fact they are WAY down the list of who’ll be the reason your security is compromised. Want to know the greatest threat?
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8/17/2018 by Karen Gill

One of the key aspects of success with ITIL is making sure everyone in on the same page. Foundational level ITIL training provides common terminology, accountability through defined roles, and an understanding of the value of implementing process best-practices.
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The Microsoft Option Box

7/3/2018 by Kelly Cummings

Most of us will say that we know our way around a computer pretty well. All the while, I don't have a clue as to what some of the buttons are in the dashboard, not to mention the parts under the hood. That's like the Microsoft Option box in each of the applications in Microsoft’s Office Suite. Let’s take a tour through the Option Box for Microsoft Word 2016.
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Office 365 Administration and Troubleshooting

5/14/2018 by Karen Gill

With all the talk of moving to the cloud, is your company jumping on board and migrating to Office 365? The 3-day MS-10997 - Office 365 Administration and Troubleshooting course can help you get there. With two different Microsoft Office 365 courses to choose from, our Microsoft Certified Trainer offers the following insight on how this 3-day course may be a good fit.
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What is JEA and How Can It Make Your Systems More Secure?

4/13/2018 by Troy Stoneking

Thanks for watching this video blog entitled: What is JEA and How Can It Make Your Systems More Secure? Microsoft has extensive documentation about JEA at: In addition, as mentioned in the video, we have a class that covers JEA and many other great Windows Server 2016 security related topics. For details on the…
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Storage Spaces Direct

4/9/2018 by Penny Morgan

What is it? Storage Spaces Direct, or S2D, is a feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows Server 2016 that makes it possible to easily enable the creation of highly-available (HA) storage systems with local storage.  The primary goals of S2D are to help simplify the deployment and management of software-defined storage systems as well as to open the use of…
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