Windows Server 2019!

11/5/2018 by Troy Stoneking

In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft is moving along nicely on Windows Server 2019. It’s filled with new features and improvements to features introduced in previous releases. Here are few I’m excited about:
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Access vs Excel

10/22/2018 by Kelly Cummings

Even though Microsoft Excel can be used for data management and fields can be calculated in Microsoft Access, the two softwares are very different, and to maximize usage in each program, it is important to understand the unique aspects of each one. Likely, they are both part of a subscription your company is paying for, so no additional expenses will be lost to undertake the learning curve required for one or both of the programs.
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The Microsoft Option Box

7/3/2018 by Kelly Cummings

Most of us will say that we know our way around a computer pretty well. All the while, I don't have a clue as to what some of the buttons are in the dashboard, not to mention the parts under the hood. That's like the Microsoft Option box in each of the applications in Microsoft’s Office Suite. Let’s take a tour through the Option Box for Microsoft Word 2016.
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