Workforce pared down? Time to skill up!

Boost your organization's profitability through increased productivity by advancing the computing skills of your users with our business software training courses. Whether your staff needs instruction to grasp the implementation of new software or just needs to finetune their skills with existing applications, LRS® Education Services offers live instructor-led training for all skill levels of Microsoft® Office software, Adobe® applications, and more. Recognized as a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner for Learning, we are ready, willing, and able to “skill up” your pared down workforce to move your business forward.

Watch video tutorials of the tips and tricks you will learn in our business software training courses.

Schedule of Courses

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Meet the Instructor

Meet LRS Education Instructor Kelly Cummings and get a sense for her style of teaching in the following video tutorials. Her business software training tips will help you master the use of application software to increase your efficiency. Enroll in any of our business software training courses to learn more from Kelly, who has been teaching business courses for nearly 25 years.

Kelly Cummings joined LRS in 2017 as a Productivity Instructor and teaches both Microsoft and Adobe products. Previously she taught high school business courses for nearly 20 years in Virginia and Illinois.

With technology at the forefront of any business course, Kelly is certified in Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and HTML, as well as IC3 and Certified Internet Webmaster. She holds degrees from Augusta State University (BA) and the University of Phoenix (MBA).

Microsoft Software Instructional Videos

Adobe Software Instructional Videos