Storage Spaces Direct

4/9/2018 by Penny Morgan

What is it? Storage Spaces Direct, or S2D, is a feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows Server 2016 that makes it possible to easily enable the creation of highly-available (HA) storage systems with local storage.  The primary goals of S2D are to help simplify the deployment and management of software-defined storage systems as well as to open the use of…
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The Amazing Adobe Acrobat

3/29/2018 by Kelly Cummings

The Amazing Adobe Acrobat Kelly Cummings I’ve worked in technology since before the days of GUIs, so Adobe Acrobat has been nothing new to me over the past 20 years or so. We have all used it. Even the most computer illiterate person in your office has more than likely read a file in PDF…
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How Many Days Since Previous/First Order?

10/10/2017 by LRS Education Services

Some of the most popular courses we teach are the ones dealing with writing SQL queries against SQL Server. Recently I had some students ask how, for each order, can I see the number of days since the customer’s most recent order, as well as the number of days since the customer’s first order. Actually, these students were working in the healthcare industry, and they wanted to know the number of days since a patient’s most recent appointment and the number of days since the same patient’s first appointment, but we’ll adopt the question to order data to make it easy to practice with the many variations of SQL Server sample databases. How to solve the problem? SQL Server Window Functions to the rescue.

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