Cybersecurity Upskilling Programs for IT Pros!

Do you know what’s no fun? Being behind the curve. Finding yourself or your organization trying to play catch up. And in cybersecurity we often have that feeling. It seems like the bad actors are always one step ahead, and we just don’t have the people to keep us properly secured. But what if you could get ahead of the curve? Let me explain.

If you’ve followed our blog for long, you know we offer several NIST Cybersecurity Framework training courses. We’ve been doing so for years and have received great reviews from students. We have a wonderful time helping students get deeper skills through NIST Framework courses. But we also offer other cybersecurity training leading toward certifications from CompTIA.

Something We’ve Learned

We’ve noticed that a number of organizations, because they offer products and services to the United States government, have a state-based compliance obligation, or just an internal policy. For this reason, these organizations expect their students to pass the CompTIA Security+ exam. And this certification is required soon after they move into a cybersecurity role or in preparation to do so.

We’ve also seen organizations, for the exact same reasons, require their IT or cybersecurity staff to take NIST cybersecurity training.

But then it became clear that for some students, they needed both. But not just NIST cybersecurity courses and Security+, but also deeper technical aspects of cybersecurity found in the CySA+ Cybersecurity Analyst course.

And one other thing. A VERY significant percentage of students over the last few months have been career transitioners. Mostly people moving from Information Technology (IT) positions into positions that were either exclusively, or mostly, filled with cybersecurity responsibilities.

The Cybersecurity Professionals Gap

For years the world has been dealing with a HUGE gap in the number of skilled cybersecurity pros versus the number of job openings. In fact, according to 2022 stats, there is a need for 3.4 million more skilled cybersecurity workers, an increase of 26.2% over the need in 2021. It’s not getting better. It’s getting worse.

Of course, there are multiple reasons for the gap, and there are multiple ways to address it.

At LRS Education Services, we’re ahead of the curve on this gap…and we want to help you get ahead of it as well.

Cybersecurity Upskilling and Reskilling for Less

Considering the different NIST Cybersecurity Framework training courses we offer and those from CompTIA, we know that upskilling and reskilling your existing team can be expensive. And we know that it often takes more than one course, especially if a person transitions into a new cybersecurity role. We have a plan to help you out.

To do our part to meet the need to fill the cybersecurity gap, we’ve put together a pair of packages at discounted rates for existing IT professionals. The purpose is twofold: give career transitioners what they need to hit the ground running in cybersecurity in a short period of time and save your organization some cash in the process.

And, just so you know, we believe the programs align nicely with the recently announced National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy!

Cybersecurity Training Program Details

Here’s what we’re offering. A pair of new Cybersecurity Fast Track Training Programs. There is a Standard Track and an Advanced Track. In both tracks your staff has the opportunity to earn multiple certifications while learning a LOT about cybersecurity from the policy and business process perspectives, as well as deep technical training. Each track includes the training courses, official digital curriculum, official practice tests (where available), and certification exam vouchers. Program details follow, click here to review all the information.

If you did the math for all that is included in each track, you’ll see the programs provide savings over each option provided individually. We are incredibly excited to present these Cybersecurity Fast Track Training Programs that include our NIST Cybersecurity Framework training courses, CompTIA courses, exam prep, and the exam vouchers to set you up for cybersecurity success in 6 months! It’s our goal at LRS Education Services to provide you with the tools you need to reskill, upskill, and be ready for the next cyberattack before it happens!

-Troy Stoneking
Certified NIST Cybersecurity Framework Professional Trainer and Cybersecurity Assessor