The End of Antivirus?

1/3/2019 by Troy Stoneking

A few weeks ago I was speaking to a client about the need for antivirus as called for in the Payment Card Industry Data Security standards (PCIDSS) Requirement 5: Protect all systems against malware and regularly update antivirus software or programs. He made an unusual statement, “We don’t use antivirus.” Having been in IT and cybersecurity for many years I knew this was eventually coming, but it was the first time I’d seen it in a real-world implementation. Here are some facts:
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Security+ is Important TODAY!

11/20/2018 by Karen Gill

It doesn’t matter if you are at a small business or a very large company, cybersecurity is more important today than it has ever been! As we move into the holiday season, retail cybersecurity is dominating our attention, but any company involved in digital transformation continues to lack the workforce needed to protect assets.
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Can't You Trust Anyone Anymore?

9/4/2018 by Troy Stoneking

When I’m working with a client and the topic of cybersecurity arises they want to talk about attacks from Russia, North Korea or various organized crime entities. But did you know that these types of threats are not the most likely avenue from which you’ll have a breach in your cybersecurity? In fact they are WAY down the list of who’ll be the reason your security is compromised. Want to know the greatest threat?
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What is JEA and How Can It Make Your Systems More Secure?

4/13/2018 by Troy Stoneking

Thanks for watching this video blog entitled: What is JEA and How Can It Make Your Systems More Secure? Microsoft has extensive documentation about JEA at: In addition, as mentioned in the video, we have a class that covers JEA and many other great Windows Server 2016 security related topics. For details on the…
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When the CEO Asks: Are We Secure?

1/15/2018 by LRS Education Services

Recently while working with another organization in the middle of the WannaCry attack we made significant changes to their systems. We ran emergency patches to some devices, adjusted the public Wi-Fi access, became even more diligent about defense in depth and pushed out details to confirm all staff were informed about how such attacks could enter even a well-protected organization.
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