SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services

5/18/2012 by LRS Education Services

Organizations must manage a continuous deluge of data that originates from numerous sources. Today’s competitive environment demands that this data form the foundation on which business decisions are made. This leads to another issue, how does an organization ensure the accuracy and integrity of this data? Inaccurate data will lead to inaccurate decisions which could negatively impact organizational efficiency, customer confidence or the company’s bottom line. This is the problem domain that Microsoft’s Data Quality Services (DQS) is designed to address.
DQS is part of Microsoft SQL Server 2012, specifically this functionality is integrated within SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Master Data Services (MDS), which enables you to perform data quality processes within those services. DQS allows a non database expert or non programmer to create, maintain and execute data quality operations. The following is from:

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>SQL 2008 Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

6/25/2010 by LRS Education Services

>The need to protect data from unauthorized viewing and use has been an issue for decades. We protect data in transit using IPSEC. We have the ability to protect a directory and associated files through the use of the Encrypting File System (EFS). The release of Windows Vista and Windows 7 allows for the use of BitLocker Drive Encryption. SQL 2005 introduced the capability to encrypt individual columns of data; the arrival of SQL 2008 Enterprise Edition however; now allows for the encryption of an entire database within the scope of a SQL instance.

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