Microsoft Power BI is a Game Changer!

Microsoft Power BI, the business intelligence platform, enables the visualization of data so you can analyze and share customized dashboards of information, instead of evaluating only words and numbers on a spreadsheet.

Analyzing data to find issues, insights, and opportunities in a visually compelling way is a game changer!

While there are many benefits of Power BI, the main benefit is that Power BI can help you save time, effort, and money in reporting...and who doesn’t need to save time?  Once the structure is set up the first time, you will enjoy automatically generated reports for a long time.

If you are looking for help in getting started with Power BI at your organization...look no further! LRS Education Services offers the following Power BI training courses on our public schedule to help you get started. These courses are live instructor-led, so you can ask questions of an expert during your class.

With classes geared to students in a Data Analyst role or to the everyday end user, I am confident we can help find the correct class for you. Call me for class dates and times, and I will help you choose the right solution to meet your goals.

Karen Gill
LRS Education Consultant
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