Microsoft All Access Subscription from LRS Education Services

Time and budget constraints create challenges for business, forcing careful consideration of options when it comes to workforce training. To advance the knowledge and skillset of IT professionals, we’ve sweetened the deal on our Microsoft All Access Subscription to help achieve your training goals … on your timetable. Train online, from any location with internet access, during a subscription window that accommodates your availability.

Time is on Your Side

The Microsoft All Access Subscription from LRS provides six months of instructor-led, unlimited LIVE Microsoft® technical training using LRS® LIVE virtual technology. The clock doesn’t start ticking until the start date of your first course enrollment, so you can optimize the subscription time frame to work best with your schedule!

This subscription is designed for IT professionals who will benefit from extensive training, while addressing budgetary limitations to get the most from your investment. For just over the regular price of one five-day course, a student can train and receive certification in as many live Microsoft Official Courses as they can complete during the subscription window. With over 100 courses eligible through the subscription, the savings potential is huge!

As one student noted:

“I loved the subscription, as I was able to take a wide variety of courses I had interest in that I would not have been able to if paying for each class.”

Terms of Service

  • 6 months from date of first scheduled course
  • $3,495 per individual
  • Unlimited access to all Microsoft Official Courses (LIVE) on LRS Education Services public schedule for one individual
  • Courses included in the program
  • Digital Microsoft Official Curriculum and exam vouchers included
  • Subscription cannot be transferred or used by anyone other than the individual that purchases the subscription (or it is purchased for)
  • No subscription extensions
  • Subscription does not apply to any other discounts

Unlimited Training for Limited Budgets on Your Schedule

Call me for details on the Microsoft All Access Subscription from LRS, and I’ll help you plan the optimal six-month training curriculum.

Karen Gill
LRS Education Consultant
217.793.3800 Ext. 1742