Help Wanted: Cybersecurity Geeks (Major Growth Opportunity – Plus Cheap Stuff)

First, this isn’t an actual job posting. At LRS we DO always have job openings, many in areas related to cybersecurity. FYI—if you find one you like, contact me directly (, maybe I’ll get a bonus when/if you get hired. 😊

This post is going live near the end of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month…so we decided to help you out a bit on the career side. Several years ago NIST, you remember NIST, right? In case you forgot, we offer three NIST Cybersecurity Framework courses along with free certification exams for our students. Plus we have real-world cybersecurity assessments we conduct for clients.

But I digress.

Back to NIST. Several years ago, NIST created the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NICE CWF). Another framework? Yep. Why? Thanks for asking.

Here’s one reason. Around the world there are currently 2.8 million people employed in the cybersecurity realm. However, there is a need for 4.07 million trained cybersecurity professionals. If you do the math that means we have a cybersecurity gap of 1.27 million cybersecurity geeks. Or, taken another way, we need to grow the workforce by 145%. Major growth opportunity.

The NICE CWF “is a nationally focused resource that establishes a taxonomy and common lexicon to describe cybersecurity work, and workers, regardless of where, or for whom, the work is performed.” NICE “is a partnership between government, academia, and the private sector focused on cybersecurity education, training, and workforce development. The mission of NICE is to energize and promote a robust network and an ecosystem of cybersecurity education, training, and workforce development.”

Bored yet? Ok, let’s get to the cheap stuff, plus a very cool resource!

Starting October 27, 2020, and running one day each week through November 16, 2020, NICE is presenting the NICE 2020 Conference and Expo. It’s all virtual and only $50! Each week has a different theme, and there are plenty of topics, breakout sessions, and even a virtual exhibit hall. If you’re looking to get into cybersecurity (or learn more about the cybersecurity landscape), need to recruit, hire, train, or develop cybersecurity professionals, manage a workforce development program, or have any interest in cybersecurity as a career field, I highly recommend registration.

Speaking of the conference and the virtual exhibit hall, LRS Education Services is sponsoring a booth. We’d love to have you drop in (virtually) and enjoy a live chat with either the Manager of Education Services or me! We will do our best to answer your questions and share our thoughts related to cybersecurity education.

Finally, I promised you a cool resource. Check out the Cyberseek website from NICE. It’s a great place to learn exactly what certifications, knowledge, skills, and abilities are being sought by employers. Plus, there is a very powerful interactive map showing you details on where cybersecurity professionals are employed and where there are job openings. It’s just a great site to visit and learn about cybersecurity career paths, salaries, and locations.

Have a great, and cybersecure, day!

-Troy Stoneking