You’re Invited! Join Sunset Learning’s Introduction to Cisco ACI Free Webinar!

Join us for this free webinar as Sunset Learning discusses the features and benefits of Cisco ACI that can help you make the most of your engineering skills.

An Intro to Cisco ACI: Features, Architecture, and Migration Strategies


  • Introduction to ACI and its operational benefits including the latest 2.x features and benefits:
    • What is SDN?
    • What is Cisco’s ACI and how is it unique?
      The learning curve and how to make the most of your existing engineering skills
      VXLAN and L3 overlays
      The ACI policy and tenant model
    • Integration with hypervisors (third party)
    • Integration with L4-7 Services (third party)
      Architectures and migration strategies

This 90 minute webinar will run twice:

  • Monday, November 21st (3:00 pm CST)
  • Tuesday, November 22nd (11:00 am CST)

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