Are you using Microsoft badging to differentiate yourself?


Microsoft announced digital badging in October, 2016 and have seen broad success from certified IT Professionals…I love seeing badges next to our students names on LinkedIn!

If you are not familiar with Microsoft badging, it is a digital badge made of an image and metadata that is uniquely linked to you…so only you can take credit for passing a Microsoft certification exam! The badge will also show the year that you earned your badge. Badges can be updated yearly simply by sitting for another exam.

You can share your badge to popular online sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter or embed it into your resume or email signature. You are in control of how and when your badge is made public by adjusting your setting to make your profile private or you can disregard the program all together if you choose.

Because LRS Education Services values Microsoft certification and wants to help our students share their accomplishments after they attend training with us, we include a voucher for a Microsoft certification exam with all Microsoft Official Courses. Exam voucher are provided whether the student attends an instructor led course or a Microsoft On Demand online offering.

If you would like to learn more about badging click HERE. If you’d like to share your success with me you can find me on LinkedIn or send me an email!