Upgrading to Microsoft Windows Server 2019?

You may be aware that Windows Server 2019 has upgrade functionality that allows for the OS installation right over the 2016 platform. No need to start from scratch with a clean install on a blank server. Microsoft's latest Windows Server OS is built on the 2016 code, which is why upgrading is so easy. Plus, Windows Server 2019 brings back the server level GUI that was noticeably missing from Windows Server 2016 yet still retains the GUI-free ServerCore and Nano releases. But for server admins who have experience with older versions of Windows Server 2008, 2012, or even 2016, it will take some adjustment to navigate the new interface.

For a hands-on active learning experience, we invite you to join our LRS Education Services training events. Our courses will help build core knowledge and skills for IT professionals who are responsible for: managing identity (AD DS), networking (DHCP), storage and compute using Windows Server 2019. Additionally, the lab practice activities will help students become familiar with the GUI and how to perform needed tasks within the Windows Server 2019 environment.

LRS Education Services offers the WS-011T00 - Windows Server 2019 Administration course to focus on the fundamental administration skills required to deploy and support Windows Server 2019 in most organizations.

  1. Click on the class link for a detailed syllabus of topics covered, class dates and pricing.
  2. Our next guaranteed to run class is scheduled for March 8-12, 8:30am – 4:30pm Central time.
  3. As a Microsoft Official Curriculum course, LRS Education Services makes it easy to learn and retain the content in an interactive and personal way:
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) – These are live instructor-led classes from our certified Microsoft trainers that can be attended from any location: work, home or one of our LRS Education training facilities in Springfield or Bloomington IL. The instructor will be interacting with and assisting all attendees, regardless of location. Students use our online video and audio feeds to connect and interact with both the instructor as well as other in-class students. For a video on how our Virtual Training option works, click on the link.
  • 24/7 Access - For remote students who have a meeting or interruption during classroom hours, or maybe you attended all the days but just need to review and clarify a topic post-class; we have an option to review recordings from class each day. Welcome to Learn On Demand! The class you have signed up for will be available to review online for six months. In addition, when you take a course that is offered with Learn On Demand, your labs are all done in real-time so you can keep pace with the instructor wherever you are. If you aren’t able to be in the class on a particular day, the Learn On Demand version allows you to access your labs 24/7 to catch up. Because the  labs for Windows Server 2019 are available for you to access for six months after your class, you can review topics and concepts after you return to your work environment.

To begin your Windows Server 2019 learning journey, feel free to call or email me for more information or registration! LRS Education Services offers a wide range of IT education options on a variety of technology platforms. Click here for a list of all of our Guaranteed to Run Courses, or to search our Online Course Catalog.

Happy learning!
Christopher Becher
Education Consultant
309-664-7670 ext. 6302