Are You Ready To Assess The State of Your Cybersecurity?

You know us as LRS Education Services. You may also know that since 1994 we’ve helped thousands of people become more proficient and productive in their computing environments.

This has been possible because organizations want their staff, possibly even you, to become even better at carrying out the duties of their positions and by extension, the mission of the organization.

Traditionally this has been done in a classroom environment. Today, a high percentage of students take our classes using virtual technologies from a location that is more convenient than traveling to one of our physical sites.

We are a highly regarded training organization. That’s what we do. That’s all we do.

Until now.

We are taking steps out of the classroom, and into a place where clients are telling us they are desperately in need of help. In the real world.

We are very proud of our NIST CSF courses. The reviews have been fantastic! Many organizations take that knowledge and create or improve a cybersecurity program on their own. In the Bootcamp/Practitioner classes we get very specific as to what that program could contain and how it might be organized.

However, we’ve heard from clients that they want more. They need a partner to come alongside and help them through the process of discovering exactly where they are in cybersecurity. What’s going well, what are the gaps and what should be done to close them?

We got the message.

Let me introduce the LRS Education Services NIST Cybersecurity Framework Assessment Program.

You can find details at the link, but here is a quick summary.

  • We work directly with you. We talk to your people about the state of cybersecurity of your organization.
  • We provide the necessary training, just a few hours, to get your team up to speed on the essentials of the Framework and the tool we will provide you for the assessment.
  • Speaking of the assessment tool, we provide one. It’s a highly-detailed, but easy to complete (mostly selecting from drop downs) solution determine your current cybersecurity state in relation to the Framework. If you’ve taken one of our NIST CSF classes here’s a bit more info: you’ll quickly discover which Tier you have for your Current Profile in all 108 subcategories.
  • Not only will you know where you are, but you’ll have an automatically prioritized list of cybersecurity gaps that need addressed. There are optional timeline and cost planning sections included.
  • The data is in a format that makes it easy to present. No read-only .pdf here. Your real data that you can use in a variety of ways (including making a .pdf 😊). Also, if you’d like we will create an executive report for you to use. No additional charge.
  • How long does it take? From the program kickoff to finish is a maximum of 90 days. It might be less, depending on your needs. But the data could serve you for years as you make cybersecurity improvements.
  • Want to know more? Here’s that link again: LRS Education Services NIST Cybersecurity Framework Assessment Program.

We are VERY excited about how this program could help you shore up your existing cybersecurity program…or create one from scratch. We’d love to see you in the classroom, or as a virtual student, and now as a cybersecurity assessment client.