AWX - Administering Webex Contact Center (AWXCC)

The Administering Webex Contact Center (AWXCC) course is a 3-day, hands-on, instructor-led training intended for administrators, team leads, workflow analysts, systems engineers, and Cisco partners requiring Day 2 support of the Webex Contact Center environment. This lab-intensive course enables learners to administer Webex Contact Center in a cloud-native environment. The lab environment emulates a typical deployment and provides each learner with the individualized resources available within Webex Contact Center. Since the training and deployment environments are similar, the positive impacts of the knowledge gained in the course will be immediate.

Course topics include setting up accounts, navigating the Contact Center Management Dashboard, configuring basic Contact Routing Flows to establish the customer experience, and performing day-to-day operational tasks. The course also includes advanced features that focus on creating custom call queues, defining contact attributes, utilizing digital communication channels, and creating a typical Call Center operating environment for Agents and Supervisors including Monitoring, Recording, and Reporting capabilities. Functional testing and problem isolation are included as a part of the lab environment itself.

Student Testimonials

Instructor did a great job, from experience this subject can be a bit dry to teach but he was able to keep it very engaging and made it much easier to focus. Student
Excellent presentation skills, subject matter knowledge, and command of the environment. Student
Instructor was outstanding. Knowledgeable, presented well, and class timing was perfect. Student

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Each attendee must have a PC/laptop with audio/video capability.
SHOULD have a basic understanding of inbound call-handling in a Call Center
SHOULD have familiarity with applications and services available in the Cloud

Detailed Class Syllabus

Section 1: An Introduction to Cisco Webex Contact Center

Objective: Introduce the capabilities, architecture, and navigation of the Webex Contact Center solution (note topics are brief and from a customer’s perspective)
Overview of the Webex Contact Center Suite
Webex Contact Center Architecture overview
Navigating the Webex Control Hub and Contact Center Portal
Webex Contact Center Call Flow Overview
Discovery 1-1: Navigating the Deployment using Webex Contact Center Management Portal and the Contact Center portal (includes Tenant Settings)
Discovery 1-2: Interactive discussion around Telephony Provisioning options

Section 2: Provisioning the Tenant Profile

Objective: Demonstrate and configure the components of a Tenant Profile
Tenant Profile components
User vs. Agent vs. Supervisor functionality overview
Profiles (Skill, User, Agent, Multimedia)
User/Agent/Supervisor configuration
Bulk Tools
Discovery 2-1: Provision of the components of a Tenant Profile
Discovery 2-2: Provision of a Tenant Administrator and Test Login functionality
Discovery 2-3: Provision a Tenant Agent and Login to Agent Interface
Discovery 2-4: Provision an Entry Point and Queue to route calls to Agent (basic level)

Section 3: Routing Strategies

Objective: Configure Entry Point and Complex Call Routing Strategies and Call Control Scripts
Routing Strategies and Call Control Scripts overview
Entry Points
Control Scripts
Professional Services Considerations
Flow Designer and Control Script Blocks
Routing Strategy types and scheduling considerations
Entry Point Routing Strategies
Audio Files
Call Queue Routing Strategies
Skills Based Routing and Skill Relaxation
Discovery 3-1: Build a basic Call Control Script and deploy audio files
Discovery 3-2: Complex Routing Strategy utilizing Skill Relaxation
Discovery 3-3: Database Lookup?? (Should be a common task performed by scripts)

Section 4: Supervisory Functions

Objective: Define and demonstrate the Supervisory functions including Call Monitoring and Recording
Supervisor Configuration
Monitoring and Recording Overview
Monitoring Calls
Coach an Agent
Barge in on a Call
Recording Schedules
Searching/pruning recordings
Customize the Desktop Layout
Discovery 4-1: Provision of a Tenant Supervisor and Login to Supervisor Interface
Discovery 4-2: Monitor Calls and Managing Recordings
Discovery 4-3: Customize the Desktop Layout (Utilize the DB Lookup results?)

Section 5: Outbound Campaigns

Objective: Define and configure the components of the Outbound Campaign solution
System Module
Campaigns and Campaign Management Console
Dialing Modes vs. Campaign Modes
Contact Strategies
Campaign Groups and Actions
Business Outcomes
Contact Lists and Profiles
Outbound Routing Strategies
Campaign Management Options
Call Guides and Script Designer
Outbound Dialer Reports
Discovery 5-1: Configure, Manage and Verify an Outbound Campaign

Section 6: Digital Channels (a.k.a. OmniChannel)

Objective: Define the Digital Channel functionality of the Webex Contact Center environment
CPaaS Digital Channels Overview
Licensing Considerations
Engage and Connect
Facebook Messenger
Routing Strategy Considerations
Discovery 6-1: Digital Channels Configuration and Verification

Section 7: Reporting and Analytics

Objective: Define the available types of Reports and Analytics and demonstrate the ability to generate custom reports within specified parameters
Reporting options (includes licensing considerations)
Stock Reports
Customer Journey Analyzer
Discovery 7-1: Running reports
Discovery 7-2: Using the CJ Analyzer, incorporate some cool Visualizations