DT - Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach (DTBAA)

This course provides a broad survey of the concepts related to and expected for the business component of the Cisco Business Architect role.

Intended as a broad introduction, the program will sample a wide range of topics that prepares an individual to participate in a Cisco Business Architecture lead process, or to begin the journey to the role of Cisco Business Architect.

Student Testimonials

Instructor did a great job, from experience this subject can be a bit dry to teach but he was able to keep it very engaging and made it much easier to focus. Student
Excellent presentation skills, subject matter knowledge, and command of the environment. Student
Instructor was outstanding. Knowledgeable, presented well, and class timing was perfect. Student

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It is recommended, but not required, that students have the following knowledge and skills:
  • Some familiarity with the IT and general technology sales process.
  • A deep understanding of at least one of the technology tracks (e.g., Routing and Switching, Collaboration, Wireless, etc.). More than one is very helpful.

Detailed Class Syllabus

Module 1: Adopting the Cisco Business Architecture Approach

Lesson 1: Course Overview
Lesson 2: Business Architecture Journey
Lesson 3: Understanding the Business Environment
Lesson 4: Enterprise Architectures, Frameworks, and Standards
Lesson 5: Understanding the Customer Audience
Lesson 6: Financial Acument
Lesson 7: Next Steps in Business Architecture