DCICN - Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN)

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Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) v6.1 is a five-day instructor-led course is designed to help students prepare for the Cisco CCNA© Data Center certification and for associate-level data center roles. The course covers foundational knowledge, skills, and technologies including network protocols and host-to-host communication, data center networking concepts and technologies, data center storage networking, and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) architecture.

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The knowledge, skills, and attitudes that a learner is expected to have before attending this course are as follows:
  • Good understanding of networking protocols
  • Good understanding of the VMware environment
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Basic Internet usage skills

Detailed Class Syllabus

Module 1: Network Protocols and Host-to-Host Communication

Lesson 1: Describing Ethernet Functions and Standards
Lesson 2: Describing Ethernet Hardware and Switching
Lesson 3: Describing OSI and TCP/IP Models
Lesson 4: Describing IPv4 and IPv6 Network Layer Addressing
Lesson 5: Describing Packet Delivery on a Hierarchical Network
Lesson 6: Describing the TCP/IP Transport Layer

Module 2: Basic Data Center Networking Concepts

Lesson 1: Describing Data Center Network Architectures
Lesson 2: Describing the Cisco Nexus Family and NX-OS
Lesson 3: Implementing VLANs and Trunks
Lesson 4: Describing Redundant Switched Topologies

Module 3: Advanced Data Center Networking Concepts

Lesson 1: Describing the Routing Process on Nexus Switches
Lesson 2: Describing Routing Protocols on Nexus Switches
Lesson 3: Describing Layer 3 First Hop Redundancy
Lesson 4: Describing AAA on Nexus Switches
Lesson 5: Describing ACLs on Nexus Switches

Module 4: Basic Data Center Storage

Lesson 1: Describing Storage Connectivity Options in the Data Center
Lesson 2: Describing Fibre Channel Storage Networking
Lesson 3: Describing VSANs

Module 5: Advanced Data Center Storage

Lesson 1: Describing Communication Between Initiator and Target
Lesson 2: Describing Fibre Channel Zone Types and Their Uses
Lesson 3: Describing Cisco NPV Mode and NPIV
Lesson 4: Describing Data Center Ethernet Enhancements
Lesson 5: Describing Fibre Channel over Ethernet

Module 6: Cisco UCS Architecture

Lesson 1: Describing Cisco UCS Server Hardware Components
Lesson 2: Cisco UCS Physical Connectivity for a Fabric Interconnect Cluster
Lesson 3: Describing the Cisco UCS Manager Interfaces