Stretch Your Education Budget

IT budgets are tight. Let us help you STRETCH YOUR EDUCATION BUDGET with the LRS Microsoft All Access Subscription.

The LRS Microsoft All Access Subscription offers UNLIMITED LIVE Microsoft technical training virtually from April 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021.

The typical cost of a 5-Day Microsoft class is $2,970. With the LRS® Microsoft All Access Subscription, you can train in as many live Microsoft Official Courses as you can complete in the subscription window using LRS LIVE virtual technology for only $3,495. If you attend 3 classes, the rate averages to $1,165 per class, a savings of 61%. Have time for more classes? The discount will be even greater! We have had folks take as many as 8 classes in last year’s subscription.

As one student claimed, “I loved the subscription, as I was able to take a wide variety of courses I had interest in that I would not have been able to if paying for each class.”

LRS Microsoft All Access Subscription Details:

  • Available April 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021
  • $3,495 per individual
  • Unlimited access to all Microsoft Official Courses (LIVE) on LRS Education Services public schedule for one individual
  • Courses included in the program
  • Digital Microsoft Official Curriculum and Certification Voucher included
  • Subscription cannot be transferred or used by anyone other than the individual that purchases the subscription (or it is purchased for)
  • No subscription extensions
  • Subscription does not apply to any other discounts

With almost 100 courses available through the subscription, you can take advantage of this special program now, online from home or anywhere with internet access, to skill up on Microsoft technologies and certifications!

Enrolling is easy, just send an email to I’m happy to assist you with your LRS Microsoft All Access Subscription.


Karen Gill
LRS Education Consultant
217.793.3800 Ext. 1742