Microsoft Teams at work!

Microsoft Teams is the key communications tool in the suite of Microsoft 365 productivity apps!

While our organization has had access to Microsoft Teams as a communication tool for some time, it was March of this year when our division began to use it extensively. Like many other businesses and government agencies, our team experienced a shift to the use of Microsoft Teams for collaborating during our time working from home. We have continued to use it now that we have returned to working in our offices.

Our amazing Help Desk answered everyone’s questions in the beginning and having a Microsoft Teams instructor on staff didn’t hurt! We were disappointed that we did not have access to student materials that could help our clients learn how to chat, collaborate on files and resources, or understand the different versions available in a short session.

We do now! We are excited to now offer a half-day Microsoft Teams (Desktop and Browser) course. Join this instructor-led class to learn how to chat with a colleague, participate in a virtual meeting, make an online call, and share files and resources.…wherever your work takes you! You can attend this class at one of our facilities (of course COVID-19 protocols are in place) or virtually from your home or office using our virtual training platform.

As always, I look forward to having you in class soon…virtually or in person!


Margaret Teague
Manager, Education Services