THIS is why we teach the NIST Cyber Security Framework courses at LRS!

I came across the following article today and it stood out to me as THE reason that we teach the NIST Cyber Security Framework (NCSF) courses at LRS. The following statement is what was exciting to me…and I believe will be intriguing to you if you are not using the NCSF already!

“The BBB states “not only are many companies requiring it (The NIST Cybersecurity Framework) of their vendors for procurement, but many businesses are adopting because it helps them run a better business”.

2018 cybersecurity resolutions: check the health of your cyber compliance, CSO FROM IDG

We determined months ago that all business professionals should have an understanding of how to use the framework as a risk-based approach to managing cybersecurity risks within their business…and that we wanted to be the learning partner to help them. We also made the commitment to teach IT and Cybersecurity professionals how to use the framework to design and build a program to minimize risk and protect critical assets. Adding the NCSF Foundation, NCSF Practitioner, and NCSF Bootcamp training courses to our portfolio has allowed us to begin that journey with IT professionals from across the country.

If you’d like more information regarding the courses, or if you would like to chat with our instruction team, please let me know. Our goal is to help businesses and organizations understand and build a comprehensive cybersecurity program.