How do I redeem a license for digital courseware at

Watch the Skillpipe Web App video tutorial here.

How do I access Learn on Demand for virtual training and labs online? 

What are the requirements needed to access learn on demand labs?

Requirements can be found here.

How long do I have access to my labs and class recordings?

Labs are typically accessible for 6 months of unlimited viewing after the first day of class.

There are some courses that utilize higher hosting resources and therefore, their post-class access is limited to 30 days. You can find that list here.

How long will my lab be saved?

Labs will be stored for up to 2 days after you save it.  If the lab is not accessed within 2 days, the lab will automatically reset to its original state.

How many times can I save my lab?

Each user is allowed 2 saves/snapshots.  
Note: This is user based, not class based. If you are enrolled in more than 1 class with LRS Education Services and have multiple labs assigned to your account, you are only allowed 2 total saved lab sessions for all classes combined.

What is the difference in marking my lab as cancelled, completed, or saved?

If you mark your lab as completed or cancelled, it will revert back to its original state. You should NEVER mark your lab as completed or cancelled when your lab is based on one set of VM's versus broken up into module based labs. Your instructor will review this in class. If you are ever in doubt, always save your lab state and check with your instructor.

I see a white screen that says "Content Failed to Load," what do I do?

Chances are your plugin being used to access the labs is being blocked by a firewall. The easiest way to fix this is to try multiple browsers, as well as change the plugin used for the lab. To change the plugin used, select the "Options" panel located underneath the "Resources" tab. There is a drop down menu labeled, "Machine Remote Controller". Change this to different plugins. Your screen will refresh automatically with the desired plugin. Active-X and Silverlight are the 2 recommended plugins, although they are not required.

My keyboard commands are not registering in my virtual machine, how do I fix them?

Change the plugins using the steps that are provided in the paragraph above. Silverlight + Active-X have the greatest success with keyboard functions within a virtual environment. If in doubt, reboot your virtual machine that is giving you issues within the lab itself. Do NOT cancel the lab, reset/reboot the virtual machine via the, "Machine Commands" drop down menu. This will reboot your machine.

Can I make my lab window Full Screen?

There are a couple of answers about this issue, and which answer will work for you depends on what kind of labs you are viewing.

Lab Type #1 - Hyper-V labs: 
At the current time, Hyper-V labs do not have the option to adjust the amount of space that they occupy in the lab screen. You can adjust the resolution of VMs manually, but the screen "real estate" taken up by the VM will not change, even if you maximize the window that contains the lab.

Lab Type #2 - Nested labs: 
Nested labs, used in a many of the Windows Server 2012 courses, automatically scale the resolution based on the size of the window that you run the lab in. If your native resolution is normally 1960X1080 and you open the lab, the VMs' screens will be set to 1024X768 and the window will open to that size. If you make the lab window full screen by clicking on the Maximize Window button, the bars on the top/bottom/sides will stay the same size, but the VMs' resolutions will be increased automatically.

If you have trouble resizing your screen, make sure that your screen size matches or exceeds required hardware settings.

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Are all Microsoft courses available using Learn On Demand Systems?

There are some courses that are not available. You can find that list here.

There are some courses that utilize higher hosting resources and therefore, their post-class access is limited to 30 days. You can find that list here.