TTDTAB005 - Tableau Server Administration

Tableau Server Administration is a two-day, fast-paced hands-on course that provides in-depth coverage of Tableau Server administration. The knowledge and skills acquired are best geared toward those who will be administering a Tableau Server installation, including managing content, users, and permissions.

The Tableau Training Series is independent-format training that can be tuned and adjusted to best meet your needs. Our materials are flexible, comprehensive, and are always instructed by a senior instructor with a deep understanding of Tableau and its most current features, benefits, and functionality in a wide array of uses. This is not Official Tableau Training.

Student Testimonials

Instructor did a great job, from experience this subject can be a bit dry to teach but he was able to keep it very engaging and made it much easier to focus. Student
Excellent presentation skills, subject matter knowledge, and command of the environment. Student
Instructor was outstanding. Knowledgeable, presented well, and class timing was perfect. Student

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Detailed Class Syllabus

Tableau Server Overview

Tableau Product Line
End-User Abilities

Tableau Server Architecture

Component Functions
Server Diagrams

Single Server Installation

Technical Specifications
Tableau Server Installation Checklist
Configuration Options
Resolutions for Common Installation Issues
Installing Tableau Server Software

User Experience

Content Navigation, Searching, and Filtering
Exploring Server Content Types and Objects
Updating Account Settings
Setting the Start Page
Viewing Version Information
Renaming a Project
Adding a Workbook Description

Authorization and Permissions

Administrator Settings
Authorization Overview
Functional Security Model
Site Roles
Content Ownership and Permissions
Permission Rules and Capabilities
Permissions and the Default Project
Creating Projects, Local Groups, and a Local User
Importing Users and Adding Users to Groups
Granting Permissions to Projects
Creating a Project Leader
Publishing and Changing Ownership of a Workbook
Moving a Workbook
Site Administration

Data Sources, Extracts, Schedules, and Subscriptions

Creating, Publishing, and Connecting to a Data Source
Data Engine and File Store
Creating and Publishing Extracts
Enabling Subscriptions and Alerts

Automating Server Tasks

Automating and Programming Server Tasks
Using the REST API

Monitoring Server

Viewing Server Status
Admin Alerts
Viewing Email Alerts and Admin Views
Enabling Access to the Repository
Custom Admin Views
Licensing Information
Performance Recording

Upgrading Tableau Server

Preparing to Upgrade
Upgrading Software on the Same Machine
Modifying the Authentication Method
Importing AD Groups

Log Files Administration

Overview of Log Files
Archiving Log Files

Data Security

Controlling What Users Can See
User Filters