MS--201 - MS-201: Implementing a Hybrid and Secure Messaging Platform

This course introduces you to the world of hybrid messaging. You will learn how to deploy a hybrid environment for your Exchange organization and how to migrate mailboxes to Exchange Online. You will begin by examining available mailbox migration options, and then focus on planning for a hybrid deployment. Finally, you will learn how to implement and troubleshoot a hybrid deployment.

Instructor did a great job, from experience this subject can be a bit dry to teach but he was able to keep it very engaging and made it much easier to focus. Student
Excellent presentation skills, subject matter knowledge, and command of the environment. Student
Instructor was outstanding. Knowledgeable, presented well, and class timing was perfect. Student

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This course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator role.

Detailed Class Syllabus

MS-201T01 - Defining a Hybrid Messaging Strategy

Module 1: Performing Mailbox Migrations
Module 2: Planning a Hybrid Environment
Module 3: Deploying and Troubleshooting a Hybrid Environment
Module 4: Lab - Hybrid Deployment and Management

MS-201T02 - Implementing Microsoft 365 Threat Protection

Module 1: Managing Message Hygiene
Module 2: Managing Compliance
Module 3: Managing Role-Based Permissions
Module 4: Lab - Manage Message Hygiene