S2K20341-1 - Understanding Message Transport, High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Exchange Server 2013

In this one day custom course you will gain an understanding of how to plan and configure message transport, high availability and disaster recovery in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Topics include understanding the components of message transport and how Exchange Server 2013 routes messages, troubleshooting message transport, configuring and applying transport rules, implementing high availability for all server roles, and understanding backup and restore features of Exchange Server 2013.

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Experience managing and administering Exchange Server 2013 is required.

Detailed Class Syllabus

Module 1: Planning and Implementing High Availability

High Availability on Exchange Server 2013
Configuring Highly Available Mailbox Databases
Configuring Highly Available Client Access Servers

Module 2: Planning and Implementing Disaster Recovery

Planning for Disaster Mitigation
Planning and Implementing Exchange Server 2013 Backup
Planning and Implementing Exchange Server 2013 Recovery

Module 3: Planning and Configuring Message Transport

Overview of Message Transport and Routing
Planning and Configuring Message Transport
Managing Transport Rules