BSEPS - Effective Presentations Using PowerPoint

Without a dynamic and coherent presentation, even great ideas can fail to convince your audience. In this course, you will organize your ideas to create coherent and convincing oral presentations, while also utilizing available visual aids and using public-speaking techniques to strengthen your delivery. During this class, you will create and deliver a PowerPoint presentation based on an assigned topic.

Instructor did a great job, from experience this subject can be a bit dry to teach but he was able to keep it very engaging and made it much easier to focus. Student
Excellent presentation skills, subject matter knowledge, and command of the environment. Student
Instructor was outstanding. Knowledgeable, presented well, and class timing was perfect. Student

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Students should be familiar with using personal computers and have used a mouse and keyboard. You should be comfortable using PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 in the Windows environment and be able to use Windows to manage information on your computer. Specifically, you should be able to launch and close programs; navigate to information stored on the computer; and manage files and folders.

Detailed Class Syllabus

Lesson 1: Organize Material

Topic 1A: Information gathering methods
Topic 1B: Choose the most appropriate organizational model

Lesson 2: Write a Presentation

Topic 2A: Develop a dynamic introduction and strong conclusion
Topic 2B: Write detailed presentation body
Topic 2C: Outline the detailed work to use as slide notes

Lesson 3: Prepare Visuals

Topic 3A: Use PowerPoint skills to create a presentation
Topic 3B: Prepare handouts and speaker notes

Lesson 4: Deliver a Presentation

Topic 4A: Practice the presentation
Topic 4B: Speak to the audience rather than reading from slides
Topic 4C: Use effective body language
Topic 4D: Control the sound of your voice

Lesson 5: Respond to Questions

Topic 5A: Use active listening when audience members speak
Topic 5B: Encourage participation from audience members