Speed2Knowledge courses are skills-focused, instructor-led offerings that zero in on relevant topics from our traditional courses. These course offerings focus on fewer skills and technologies so students walk away with pertinent information in a shorter period of time. The classes are designed so students can select courses that match their current needs which allows them to spend less time in the classroom on topics that are unnecessary.

As an example, a student might want to learn only how to deploy software with System Center Configuration Manager because another team manages the administration tools. Now, with Speed2Knowledge courses, a student can match a course with the skills they still need to successfully do their job.

Spending less time away from the office while getting the skills they need in just a single day or two using Microsoft Official Curriculum is much more efficient for students than spending multiple days or even a week at a traditional class. Remember, Microsoft Official training courses are brought to you by the people who write the software! 

You can utilize the LRS Education Services Learn On Demand methodology too. Speed2Knowledge class recordings and access to the hands-on labs are available for six months after you attend the class.*

Here is a list of upcoming Speed2Knowledge courses:

S2K10266-1  - Delegates, Events, Lambdas and LINQ in C#
S2K10550-1  - Delegates, Events, Lambdas and LINQ in Visual Basic
S2K10964-1  - Essentials for Infrastructure Monitoring with System Center Operations Manager
S2K20331-1  - Implementing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 at the Site Collection Level
S2K20341-1  - Understanding Message Transport, High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Exchange Server 2013
S2K20411-1  - Understanding Active Directory Domain Services and Group Policy in Windows Server 2012 R2
S2K20412-1  - Implementing Active Directory Certificate and Federation Services in Windows Server 2012 R2
S2K20417-1  - Virtualization and High Availability with Windows Server 2012 R2
S2K20461-1  - Querying and Modifying Data in Microsoft SQL Server
S2K20463-1  - Using SSIS with Microsoft SQL Server
S2K20480-1  - Transitioning to JavaScript

*Subject to availability.