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LRS Education Services | IT Courses Microsoft Certification Since 1994, LRS Education Services has provided comprehensive IT training courses, IT certifications, and cybersecurity training courses to individuals sponsored by their employer, both virtually and from our state-of-the-art training facility in central Illinois. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning, our instructors teach ...
APSPMODADV - Microsoft SharePoint Modern Experience: Advanced Site Owner Microsoft® SharePoint® online is a platform designed to facilitate collaboration, allowing you to use familiar applications and web-based tools to create, access, store, and track documents and data in a central location. As such, SharePoint has many distinct features and content structures that can be selected, added, and configured. In this ...
APSPMS-MS-O - Introduction to SharePoint Modern for Site Members and ... Course APSPMS-MS-O - Introduction to SharePoint Modern for Site Members and Site Owners with locations in Springfield, IL and Bloomington, IL.
It’s Time To Give SharePoint a Second Look! - LRS Education Services Within SharePoint, an End User will find the new modern version so much more improved and easier to use. Adding Web Parts is as easy as clicking the + sign to add a Web Part or clicking the pen along the left side to edit a Web Part on any SharePoint page. Clicking on the settings gear is the place to add an app.
Microsoft Certification MCSA, MCSE, MCSD | LRS Education MSSC-900T00: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals — Instructor was excellent. Very knowledgeable and had good real life examples to support the material. CompTIA® Project+® — With no background knowledge on project management, the entire class was beneficial. I’ve learned better ways to organize and execute projects.
Video Tips: Checking Documents In and Out of Microsoft SharePoint Register and attend one of our upcoming Microsoft SharePoint training courses virtually or in person to increase your skills using SharePoint. For additional video tips to get the most out of Microsoft Office software and Adobe applications, visit our Business Software Training Courses Page .
courses - LRS Education Services BA08 Agile for Business Analysts — It was a great course using a lot of real world examples of using Agile framework and solving issues in developing a product. MS-500T00: Microsoft 365 Security Administration — Overall, the instruction was great. Instructor was very familiar with the content and provided some very good realistic scenarios.
MS--600T00 - Building applications and solutions with Microsoft 365 ... In this course, students will learn how to implement Microsoft Identity and work with Microsoft Graph. Students will also gain the knowledge on UI elements (including Adaptive Cards and UI Fabric), Integration Points (including Microsoft Teams, Office Add-ins, SharePoint Framework, Actionable Messages), and determining workload platform targets.
Microsoft Office 365 and Teams tips and tricks! - LRS Education Services The last app I’d like to address here is SharePoint, a multi-level app used by companies for communication, document storage and information gathering. On a smaller scale, every Office 365 Team gets a SharePoint site. When information is added, SharePoint uses permissions to either allow or disallow employees access to the site or a specific ...
APO365TEAMS- - Microsoft® 365 Office for the Web (with Teams®) Additionally, the Microsoft® SharePoint® team site provides a central storage location for accessing and modifying shared documents. This course introduces working with shared documents in the familiar Microsoft 365 web apps—Word, PowerPoint®, and Excel®—as an alternative to installing the Microsoft® Office desktop applications.
courses SharePoint for Office 365 End User — Kelly made sure to ask us about situations in our jobs where we would use these skills and provided solutions for them. Photoshop — She was very accommodating to the different skill levels in the classroom and sought out how we would use the training/software for work and personal use.
Related Courses - lrseducationservices.com CompTIA A+: A Comprehensive Approach — You could tell that the instructor really knew the material and wasn’t just reading from a book.I plan to study and pass both parts of the exam and I will literally use this information daily on my job as IT technician.
MS--100T00 - MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services MS--100T00 - MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services. The Microsoft 365 Identity and Services course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role. This course covers three central elements of Microsoft 365 enterprise administration – Microsoft 365 tenant and service management, Office 365 management ...
Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording Expiration Policy Change Microsoft has introduced a new meeting recording auto-expiration feature, which will automatically delete Microsoft Teams recording files stored in OneDrive or SharePoint after a preset period of time. For any tenant that does not have a custom policy in place already, Microsoft is updating the default expiration days from 60 to 120 days.
Video Tips: How to Use Quick Parts in Microsoft Word Learn how to use Quick Parts in Word to add repeating elements (like logos or signature lines) with the click of a button in this tutorial from business software training instructor Kelly Cummings. To further enhance your competency with Microsoft Word, review the roster of upcoming Microsoft Word training courses.
MS--900T01 - Microsoft 365 Fundamentals - LRS Education Services MS--900T01 - Microsoft 365 Fundamentals. This course provides foundational knowledge on the considerations and benefits of adopting cloud services and the Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud model, with a specific focus on Microsoft 365 cloud service offerings. You will begin by learning about cloud fundamentals, including an overview of cloud ...
AP365P - Microsoft Office 365 Online Productivity Apps This course builds on the foundational knowledge of the Microsoft® Office 365® online apps and takes a deeper look at the specific apps beyond Microsoft Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®. Knowing that productivity often begins with assembling the right people, this course starts with the Teams app that is used to collaborate on shared files and ...
MS--500T00 - Microsoft 365 Security Administration - LRS Education Services Lastly, you will learn about archiving and retention in Microsoft 365 as well as data governance and how to conduct content searches and investigations. This course covers data retention policies and tags, in-place records management for SharePoint, email retention, and how to conduct content searches that support eDiscovery investigations.
MS-55301 - Mastering Microsoft Project 2019 - LRS Education Services Use multiple methods to create a new project from an Excel file and a SharePoint Tasks list. Establish one or more calendars to constrain resource availability. Configure Project to calculate the schedule from the Start Date forward, or from the Finish Date backward. Module 4: Manually Schedule vs. Auto Schedule
MS--101T00 - MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security The Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role. This course covers three central elements of Microsoft 365 enterprise administration – Microsoft 365 security management, Microsoft 365 compliance management, and Microsoft 365 device management.

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