Digital Curriculum is Here!



As of January 5th, 2015, we made the transition to digital curriculum for all Microsoft Official Courses!

Microsoft Learning has worked with an outside company to develop an e-reader for materials to enable students to read digital versions of Microsoft Courseware on their computers and other devices. As tablet technology has become more prevalent in society Microsoft wants to drive that use for learning and be more environmentally responsible. The reader, Skillpipe, exists in two versions, an online reader which can be accessed through any modern browser, and a Windows reader app which users can download and install on their PC. The installation of the reader app enables users to read digital Microsoft Courseware without permanently being connected to the internet once they have successfully logged in for the first time (the first time login requires an active internet connection). By using a single-sign on mechanism, the login data are always the same, no matter which Skillpipe version is used. Read more about the transition to digital curriculum or contact us!