Collect Your Thoughts Using Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a powerful way to store notes, ideas, pictures and files in one handy digital folder. Microsoft Office files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Outlook emails can also be stored in a OneNote notebook. Notebooks that reside on OneDrive can also be accessed through mobile devices.

There are three versions of OneNote:

  • OneNote 2016 is installed on your computer alongside Word and Excel and is the most robust version
  • OneNote for Office 365 resides in your OneDrive and can be created and edited in the online OneDrive web app or in OneNote 2016
  • OneNote for Windows 10 resides on your computer but is scaled down in functionality (similar to WordPad compared to Word)

Create the Notebook Structure

Organize Notebooks by creating sections at the top. My Notebook is a vacation log and shows vacations organized by year. Each section can have pages and subpages showing different vacations within a particular year.

Add Content to a Notebook

You can click anywhere on the page and create a text box. Text can be formatted using headings and organized with bullet points. Images from your computer or found online can be added to your Notebook.

Add content from the web

Set the view for OneNote to Dock to Desktop. That lets the user see OneNote and the browser at the same time and copy web content that will be linked to the web page source. The link makes it easy for you to view that web page again.

Add content from Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Content from existing Word, Excel or PowerPoint files can be added several ways. All of the methods create copies of the files that are embedded into the Notebook so there are no dynamic links back to original documents in OneNote.

  • Content can be copied and pasted from existing files
  • File Printout – This method allows the viewer to see the file content
  • File Attachment – This method shows an icon attachment that opens when double-clicked

OneNote Notebooks stored on SharePoint or OneDrive can be shared with other team members, making it the perfect tool for collaboration and planning. LRS Education Services in Springfield, Illinois offers training in OneNote. Contact LRS Education Services for class information.