No matter what type of training style you’re looking for—instructor-led, virtual, on-site, high-definition instructor-led, or customized training, we’ve got it. LRS® Education Services makes learning convenient no matter what type of training best suits you.

Instructor-Led Training (LRS LIVE)

For the traditional learner and education experience, instructor-led training is available on-site at both our Springfield and Bloomington Education facilities. LRS LIVE allows for you to attend one of our scheduled classes and not worry about the location. If one of our instructors is in Bloomington, you can also go to our Springfield facility and attend the class virtually from a dedicated area. And vice versa! It doesn’t matter where you are or where the instructor is, you get the same experience from an LRS Education Services facility.


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Virtual Training

Need it closer to your office? Virtual Training allows students to participate in a traditional instructor-led class without needing to be in a classroom. Remote students log-in, listen to, see and interact with the instructor and other classroom students. Virtual Training students can login from anywhere (with an internet connection and a computer) and participate in the class just like they are there. Students receive the same course materials, participate in hands-on labs, and can interact with the instructor and fellow classmates.

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On-Site Training

Need training that is customized to your organization? LRS Education Services does that. We provide the instructor and course materials and you provide the classroom and computers at the location of your choice. We can even customize the courseware to fit your organization’s unique needs.

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LRS Education Services always leads the way. HD-ILT from Sunset Learning is the first distance training system that utilizes life-size, high-definition video and audio combined with remote labs for Authorized Cisco Training. Students get a live, interactive training experience just as if they were actually in the classroom no matter where they are located.

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ClipTraining eLearning

For individuals who are unable to attend instructor-led training for business applications, we have added a cloud-based eLearning platform to our portfolio! Empowering end-users with an inviting, friendly, and easy-to-use design, the ClipTraining eLearning platform is a launching pad for all skill levels. Content includes Microsoft Office 365, Office 2019, Windows 10, and Adobe Acrobat.

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Enroll in a Microsoft Official Course with us and if something happens during that week which prevents you from attending one or more days of the course, be confident that we are here to make sure you get it all. With Skillable, you can now access our system whenever is convenient for you and watch and listen to the day’s session recording that you missed.

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