Supplement Your Corporate Training Program

LRS® Education Services offers the Microsoft Learning as a Service (LaaS) curriculum to extend educational opportunities beyond instructor-led courses for our customers. When time or budget constraints limit professional development training for you or your IT staff, LaaS fills the void with additional online instruction options to keep IT professionals on top of ever-changing innovations in technology.

Stretch Your Professional Development Budget

The LaaS cloud-based training solution delivers free self-paced courses from the Microsoft library utilizing a variety of media formats for optimal comprehension: text, downloadable eBooks, links to additional reading, instructional videos, demonstration videos, labs for hands-on, skills-focused learning, and end of section reviews. Students learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, day or night. For a nominal fee, a certificate of completion can be attained for any LaaS courses.

Extensive Library of Online Information Technology Courses and Productivity Training

LaaS students who activate an account will gain access to the entire course catalog of nearly 200 official Microsoft courses that are updated regularly to offer the most highly-demanded topics. Key areas of instruction include:

  • Azure: application development, administration, security, DevOps, data, AI tools
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Microsoft Cloud Technologies: Office 365, Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft SQL Server and Database Technologies
  • Programming/Software Development
  • Windows 10

Explore the LaaS library hosted by LRS Education Services to find free IT training courses of interest that are currently offered.

LRS Education Services LaaS Courses

Your IT Learning Solutions Partner

Need a long-term professional development plan within your budget to ensure your information technology department operates at peak performance for the unique needs of your organization? Contact LRS Education Services to develop a customized strategy pairing paid instructor-led training with free LaaS courses to best prepare your IT team for success in their technology roles now and into the future.