MS-2310 - Developing Web Applications Using Visual Studio 2008

This five-day instructor-led course will teach introductory-level Web developers the fundamentals of Web application development and best practices for Microsoft Web development technologies, including ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET AJAX Extensions, and Silverlight. This course focuses on using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 development environment and the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to create a Web application that delivers dynamic content to a Web site.

Instructor did a great job, from experience this subject can be a bit dry to teach but he was able to keep it very engaging and made it much easier to focus. Student
Excellent presentation skills, subject matter knowledge, and command of the environment. Student
Instructor was outstanding. Knowledgeable, presented well, and class timing was perfect. Student

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Before attending this course, students must have at least one month of experience in .NET technologies. In addition to their professional experience, students who attend this training should have the following technical knowledge:
  • Knowledge of HTML or DHTML, including:
  • Tables
  • Images
  • Forms
  • Programming experience using Visual Basic .NET or Visual C# .NET, including:
  • Declaring variables
  • Using loops
  • Using conditional statements

The completion of Course 2667, Introduction to Computer Programming, satisfies the preceding prerequisite programming skills requirement.

Detailed Class Syllabus

Module 1: Exploring ASP.NET Web Applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Introduction to the .NET Framework
Overview of ASP.NET
Overview of the Lab Application

Module 2: Creating Web Applications by Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and Microsoft .NET–Based Languages

Choosing a Programming Language
Overview of Visual Studio 2008 SP1
Creating a Simple Web Application

Module 3: Creating a Microsoft ASP.NET Web FormThis module explains how to create Web Forms and populate them with server controls.

Creating Web Forms
Adding and Configuring Server Controls in a Web Form

Module 4: Adding Functionality to a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Form

Working with Code-Behind Files
Handling Server Control Events
Creating Classes and Components by Using Visual Studio 2008 SP1
Handling Page Events

Module 5: Implementing Master Pages and User Controls

Creating Master Pages
Adding User Controls to an ASP.NET Web Form

Module 6: Validating User Input

Overview of User Input Validation
ASP.NET Validation Controls
Validating Web Forms

Module 7: Debugging Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications

Debugging in ASP.NET
Tracing in ASP.NET

Module 8: Managing Data in an ASP.NET 3.5 Web Application

Overview of ADO.NET
Connecting to a Database
Managing Data

Module 9: Managing Data Access Tasks by Using LINQ

Overview of LINQ
Managing XML Data by Using LINQ to XML
Managing SQL Data by Using LINQ to SQL

Module 10: Managing Data by Using ASP.NET Dynamic Data

Overview of ASP.NET Dynamic Data
Applying ASP.NET Dynamic Data
Customizing ASP.NET Dynamic Data Applications

Module 11: Creating a Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Application

Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX
Creating an ASP.NET AJAX Application by Using the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions
Extending an Application by Using the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit

Module 12: Consuming XML Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation Services

Overview of XML Web Services
Locating XML Web Services
Calling XML Web Services
Consuming Windows Communication Foundation Services

Module 13: Managing State in Web Applications

State Management
ASP.NET Profiles
ASP.NET Caching

Module 14: Configuring and Deploying a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application

Configuring an ASP.NET Web Application
Deploying an ASP.NET Web Application

Module 15: Securing a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application

Web Application Security Overview
Declaratively Configuring Authentication and Authorization
Working Programmatically with Authentication and Authorization

Module 16: Implementing New Technologies Supported by Visual Studio 2008 SP1 for Web Development

Working with ADO.NET Data Services
Working with ASP.NET MVC
Working with Silverlight 3