AT_WIRE# - Wireless Fundamentals (Wireless# Exam PWO-050)

As individuals, businesses, and organizations demand easier access to information, technology continues to evolve to meet that demand. One significant contribution has been the development and growth of wireless technology. In this course, you will explore the fundamentals of wireless technology and configure wireless solutions.

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A typical candidate should have a basic understanding of data networking concepts.

Detailed Class Syllabus

Lesson 1: Exploring Wireless Technology Fundamentals

Topic 1A: Introduction to Wi-Fi Technology
Topic 1B: Examine Radio Frequency Fundamentals
Topic 1C: Describe Radio Frequency Wireless Technologies

Lesson 2: Configuring Wi-Fi Hardware and Security

Topic 2A: Describe Wi-Fi Standards and Product Certifications
Topic 2B: Configure Wireless Network Components
Topic 2C: Implement Wireless LAN Security

Lesson 3: Configuring Clients and Antennas

Topic 3A: Configure Wireless Client Devices
Topic 3B: Install Antennas

Lesson 4: Examining Wireless Technologies

Topic 4A: Configure Bluetooth Devices
Topic 4B: Explain ZigBee Technology
Topic 4C: Describe WiMAX Technology
Topic 4D: Synchronize Infrared Devices
Topic 4E: Explore RFID Technology

Lesson 5: Exploring Applications and Support

Topic 5A: Configure Common WLAN Applications
Topic 5B: Optimize Wireless Networks
Topic 5C: Isolate and Troubleshoot Wireless Network Problems

Appendix A:

Mapping Wireless Fundamentals Course Content to the Wireless# Exam Objectives