CVP - Cisco® CVP Developer Training (CVPD)

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The CVPD course is a five day instructor-led, hands-on training course that teaches you everything you need to know about developing and debugging of self-service applications using the CVP Call Studio and CVP VXML Server. You will leave class an expert on CVP Call Studio applications and return to work prepared to begin your first project.

This course strongly emphasizes hands-on application development of IVR Self-Service applications using the Cisco CVP Call Studio and VXML Server.

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Programming or IVR scripting experience is recommended. In addition, it is required that prospective students have either attended the Cisco CVPI training course or have knowledge of the ICM/CVP architecture, as it will be introduced, but is not the focus of this course.

Detailed Class Syllabus

Upon completing this course, you will:

Understand CVP software architecture and contact center integration
Understand VXML Server operation and administration

Build, execute, and debug CVP Call Studio applications, including:

Writing full featured applications using ASR, DTMF, TTS, Prerecorded Audio
Creating menus, collecting information from callers, confirming caller input, specifying custom input
Using prompts appropriately: Initial; NoMatch1,2,3; NoInput1,2,3; Help; Success; Disconfirmation
Configuring Tomcat to use SQL databases with CVP Call Studio
Understanding VoiceXML timers, enabling/disabling the terminating character, clearing pending DTMF tones
Working with multi-language applications
Working with speech recognition in CVP Call Studio.
Using Studio to create custom ASR grammars, and how to save these to files for better ASR resource management.
Writing CVP Call Studio Subroutines that you invoke from other Studio applications.
Incorporating 'Global Commands' (eg, start over, agent, cancel, go back)
Taking recordings from callers, including Emergency Broadcast Messages
Handling and understanding VoiceXML events
Creating an Error Element
Creating variables, performing assignments and math calculations, using counters
Incorporating code written in other languages, including Java, into your Studio application to provide additional functionality and integration

Maintain VXML Server Software

Monitor performance and operation of VXML Server
Understand and use CVP VXML Server Activity Logging
Learn to configure Activity Logging to omit sensitive data
Configure automated purging of old logs on VXML Server
Enable Debug Logging of all VXML pages and exchanges with the gateway
Completely understand Administrative Scripts on VXML Server
Directory structure and what needs to be backed up