MS-10231 - Designing and Deploying Microsoft SharePoint 2010

This 5 day ILT course teaches IT Professionals to design and deploy Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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Before attending this course, students must have:
  • At least 2 years experience administering, deploying, managing, monitoring, upgrading, migrating, and designing SharePoint servers
  • At least one year’s experience of mapping business requirements to logical and physical technical design
  • Working knowledge of network design, including network security
  • Completed course 10174A: TS ITPro: Configuring and Managing Microsoft SharePoint 2010, or have equivalent knowledge and experience

Detailed Class Syllabus

Module 1: Designing a Logical Architecture

Identifying Business Requirements
Overview of SharePoint 2010 Logical Architecture
Documenting the Logical Architecture
Understanding SharePoint Online
SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1

Module 2: Planning a Service Application Architecture

Introduction to the Service Application Architecture in SharePoint 2010
Service Application Architecture and Components
Topologies for Service Applications
Mapping Service Applications to Your Logical Architecture

Module 3: Planning for Performance and Capacity

Principles of Performance Planning
Designing for Performance
Principles of Capacity Planning
Designing for Capacity

Module 4: Designing a Physical Architecture

Designing Physical Components for SharePoint Deployments
Designing Supporting Components for SharePoint Deployments
SharePoint Farm Topologies
Mapping a Logical Architecture Design to a Physical Architecture Design

Module 5: Designing a Security Plan

Designing to Secure SharePoint 2010
Planning for Service Accounts
Planning Security for Users and Groups

Module 6: Planning Authentication

Overview of Authentication
Introduction to Claims-based Authentication
Selecting Authentication Methods

Module 7: Planning Managed Metadata

Metadata in SharePoint 2010
Overview of Content Types
Mapping Managed Metadata to Business Requirements

Module 8: Planning Social Computing

Overview of Social Computing
Planning for Social Computing Functionality in SharePoint 2010
Planning for the User Profile Service

Module 9: Designing an Enterprise Search Strategy

Overview of SharePoint 2010 Search Architecture
Search Topologies in SharePoint 2010
Capacity and Performance Planning for Search
Mapping Business Requirements to Search Design

Module 10: Planning Enterprise Content Management

Overview of Enterprise Content Management
Planning Tasks for Content Management
Planning Features and Policies for Content Management
Planning Web Content Management

Module 11: Planning a SharePoint 2010 Implementation of a Business Intelligence Strategy

Overview of Business Intelligence Principles
Planning Data Access by Using BCS
Planning SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Solutions
Planning for Reporting and Presentation

Module 12: Developing a Plan for Governance

Overview of Governance
Key Elements of a Governance Plan
Planning for Governance in SharePoint Server 2010
Governance Implementation Features and Policies in SharePoint Server 2010

Module 13: Designing a Maintenance and Monitoring Plan

Principles of Maintenance and Monitoring
Creating a Maintenance Plan for SharePoint 2010
Creating a Monitoring Plan for SharePoint 2010
Considerations for the Maintenance and Monitoring of Associated Technologies

Module 14: Planning Business Continuity

Overview of Business Continuity Management
Developing a Business Continuity Plan for SharePoint Server 2010
Creating a Backup and Restore Plan for SharePoint Server 2010

Module 15: Planning for Upgrade to SharePoint 2010

Identifying Upgrade Scenarios
Planning Your Upgrade
Upgrade Considerations

Module 16: Planning for SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online Planning
Planning for Administration of SharePoint Online
Hybrid Deployments