APWIN7 - Windows 7: Transition from Windows XP

You will use the new features in Windows 7 to streamline your workflow efficiency and business productivity.

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To ensure successful completion of Windows® 7: Transition from Windows® XP, students need to have experience working in a Windows XP environment.

Detailed Class Syllabus

Lesson 1: Exploring the New Features on the Windows 7 Desktop

Topic 1A: Log On to Windows 7
Topic 1B: Explore the Desktop Context Menu Options
Topic 1C: Explore the Windows 7 Taskbar

Lesson 2: Working with Enhanced File and Folder Management

Topic 2A: Examine Enhancements in Windows Explorer
Topic 2B: Work with Libraries
Topic 2C: Work with Windows
Topic 2D: Share Files and Folders

Lesson 3: Working with the New and Enhanced Programs in Windows 7

Topic 3A: Work with New Accessories
Topic 3B: Work with the Enhanced Accessories
Topic 3C: Browse the Internet Using Internet Explorer 8
Topic 3D: Use the Windows Media Center
Topic 3E: Set Up and Manage Removable Devices

Lesson 4: Securing the Computer Using Enhanced and New Features

Topic 4A: Apply Security Settings
Topic 4B: Troubleshoot Problems