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MS-6418 - Deploying Windows Server 2008

This 3-day instructor-led course provides students with an understanding of migrating and deploying Windows Server 2008 including installation, configuration, and upgrading. Special emphasis is given to upgrading common server configurations and using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

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Before attending this course, students must have one or more of the following:
  • On-the-job experience in planning, implementing, managing, or supporting Microsoft Windows Server NT 4.0, 2000 or 2003, including Active Directory and Network Infrastructure.
  • Working knowledge of networking, for example, TCP/IP and Domain Name System (DNS).
  • Experience with a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure.
  • Experience with implementing security for a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network.
  • Experience installing , configuring, and administering Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows XP Professional, or Windows Vista.

Detailed Class Syllabus

Module 1: Windows Server 2008 Installation & Configuration

Windows Server 2008 Setup Improvements and Requirements
Windows Server 2008 Server Core Installation
Implement a Volume Licensing Strategy using KMS and MAK

Module 2: Windows Server Core 2008 Configuration

Server Core Basic Configuration
Configuring Server Core Roles

Module 3: Windows Server 2008 Unattended Installation

Unattended Windows Server 2008 Installation
Unattended Domain Controller Installation

Module 4: Using Windows Deployment Services

Windows Deployment Services
Working with the WIM Format

Module 5: Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

Introduction to the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

Module 6: Upgrading and Migrating Active Directory

Windows Server 2008 Upgrade Overview
Upgrading Windows Server 2003 Domain Controllers to Windows Server 2008
Active Directory Upgrade Sequence

Module 7: Upgrading File and Print, Web, and Remote Infrastructure Servers

Ugrading File and Print Servers
Upgrading Web and Application Servers
Upgrading Remote Infrastructure Servers

Module 8: Migrating Workloads to Microsoft Virtual Machines

Microsoft Server Virtualization
Migrating Workloads to Microsoft Virtual Machines

Module 9: Configuring Windows Server 2008 for Performance

Hardware Considerations
Workload Considerations