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MS-5054 - Design a High Avai. Messaging Solution with Exchange 2007

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

This 2-day course teaches messaging engineers to design a high availability messaging solution using Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007. Students will create a high availability design to meet service level agreement requirements and learn strategies for gaining approval for the design. They will learn how to identify risks and create mitigation plans to maintain the business continuity of the messaging system. Students will also learn how to design a backup strategy, disaster recovery procedures, and test plans for those procedures.

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Before attending this course, students: Must have a basic understanding of high availability concepts. For example, how clustering works at the operating system level (Windows clustering) and how network load balancing works. • Must have a basic familiarity with deriving business requirements. For example, gathering business requirements and understanding that business needs come from a variety of sources (direct personnel needs, regulatory, business operations requirements). • Must have a basic understanding of backup systems. For example, types of backups (disk to tape, disk to disk, Storage Area Networks (SAN) snapshot, imaging, etc.), backup rotation schemes, and offsite backup procedures. • Must already know how to use: • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Management tools • Exchange Best Practice Analyzer (ExBPA) • WinNT backup (ntbackup.exe) • Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 (to create infrastructure diagrams) • Must understand hardware concepts. For exa

Detailed Class Syllabus

Module 1: Foundational High Availability Concepts for Messaging

Introduction to Service Level Management
Overview of High Availability Technologies

Module 2: Evaluating High Availability Technologies for Exchange Server 2007

Evaluating High Availability Options for Mailbox Servers
Evaluating High Availability Options for Non-Mailbox Servers

Module 3: Creating a High Availability Messaging Strategy

Designing a High Availability Strategy for Mailbox Servers
Designing a High Availability Solution for Non-Mailbox Servers

Module 4: Designing the Messaging Portion of a Business Continuity Plan

Overview of Business Continuity Planning
Identifying Threats to the Messaging Organization
Mitigating Threats to the Messaging Organization
Designing the Business Continuity Plan

Module 5: Designing Backup for a High Availability Messaging Environment

Identifying Backup Requirements
Designing Backup Procedures

Module 6: Ensuring Recovery Readiness of a High Availability Messaging Environment

Designing Recovery Strategies
Evaluating Disaster Recovery Readiness