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MS-1913 - Exchanging and Manipulating Data Using XML and XSLT

The goal of this course is to teach developers techniques for exchanging and transforming data using the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT). The course describes best practices for XML and XSLT and gives compelling examples of the best ways to solve real-world problems. It is intended for Web developers who have used XML to create simple Web applications and who need to know how to exploit the full potential of XML and XSLT.

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Course MS1905, Building XML-Based Web Applications or equivalent knowledge

Detailed Class Syllabus

Overview of XML and XSLT

Representing Data with XML
Transforming XML Documents with XSLT
Using XML and XSLT to Build Solutions

Selecting and Navigating Nodes Using XPath

Introducing XPath
Accessing Node Information
Navigating a Document Using Location Paths
Using Operators and Functions in Location Paths
Lab 2.1: Accessing Node Information
Lab 2.2: Selecting and Navigating Nodes Using XPath

Introducing XSLT

Introducing XSLT
Template Rules
Enhancing Template Rules
Lab: Defining and Using Template Rules

Refining and Combining Style Sheets

Sorting Document Content
Controlling Document Output
Including and Importing Style Sheets
Lab: Refining and Combining XSLT Style Sheets

Programming with XSLT

Named Templates
Variables and Parameters
Performing Repetition and Conditional Processing
Using XSLT Extension Elements and Functions
Lab: Programming with XSLT

Defining XML Grammar and Data Types

Defining and Using XML Schemas
Defining Elements in an XML Schema
Defining Attributes in an XML Schema
Defining Data Types in an XML Schema
XML Schemas and ADO
Lab: Defining XML Grammar and Data Types

Creating and Changing XML Structure with XSLT

Creating New Structure Using XSLT

Cross-Referencing Documents Using XSLT

Accessing Multiple XML Documents in a Style Sheet
Introducing Cross-References
Generating Cross-References in Result Documents
Lab: Cross-Referencing Documents Using XSLT

Manipulating XML Documents Using SAX

Overview of SAX
Using SAX Interfaces
Lab: Manipulating XML Documents Using Sax

Putting It All Together

Scope and Purpose of the Northwind Traders Web Site
Lab: Northwind Traders Web Site