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BA123 - Business Analysis in an Agile World

Learn how to apply the agile Business Analysis toolkit to agile projects.

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Detailed Class Syllabus

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Overview of Agile Business Analysis
Lesson 2: Release Plan Preparation: ‘Sprint Zero’ – A) Defining the Problem
Lesson 3: Release Plan Preparation: ‘Sprint Zero’ B) Business Impact Analysis: Stakeholder Analysis, User Roles and Personas, MVP, Features
Lesson 4: Release Plan Preparation: ‘Sprint Zero’ C) BA Tools for Decomposing Epics (Backlog Grooming)
Lesson 5: Release Plan Preparation: ‘Sprint Zero’ – D) Creating and Tracing Initial User Stories
Lesson 6: Sprint n: Business Analysis During the Implementation Sprint
Lesson 7: Sprint n: Analyzing business rules
Lesson 8: BA role in Rolling Lookahead/Grooming; Sprint Review and Retrospective; Release Retrospective