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SAS - Implementing Advanced Cisco ASA Security (SASAA)

This is an instructor-led product training course targeted towards network security engineers who require in depth knowledge of the advanced features of Cisco ASA security products.

This course provides update training on the key features of the post-8.4.1 release of the Cisco ASA, including the 9.x features such as CX and Clustering. The course includes detailed coverage of Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Next-Generation Firewalls, the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series ASA Services Module (ASASM), and the ASA 1000v Cloud Firewall. It also provides a hands-on experience with installing and setting up the Cisco IPS and Cisco ASA CX software modules, implementing Identity Firewall policies with Cisco CDA, implementing CX policies, and integrating Cisco Cloud Web Security.

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It is recommended that prior to enrollment; students have successfully completed FIREWALL or have equivalent knowledge of the Cisco ASA.

Detailed Class Syllabus

Module 1: Cisco ASA Product Family

Lesson 1: Introducing the Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Next Generation Firewalls
Lesson 2: Installing Cisco ASA 5500-X Series IPS Software Module
Lesson 3: Introducing the Cisco ASA 1000v Cloud Firewall
Lesson 4: Introducing the Cisco ASAv
Lesson 5: Introducing the Cisco ASASM

Module 2: Cisco ASA Identity Firewallc

Lesson 1: Describing the Cisco IDFW Solution
Lesson 2: Setting Up Cisco CDA
Lesson 3: Configuring Cisco CDA
Lesson 4: Configuring Cisco ASA IDFW
Lesson 5: Verifying and Troubeshooting Cisco ASA IDFW

Module 3: Cisco ASA CX (NGFW Services)

Lesson 1: Introducing Cisco ASA CX (NGFW Services)
Lesson 2: Describing the Cisco ASA CX Management Architecture
Lesson 3: Installing the Cisco Off-Box PRSM and Cisco ASA CX
Lesson 4: Redirecting Cisco ASA-to-Cisco ASA CX Traffic
Lesson 5: Licensing Cisco ASA CX and Cisco PRSM
Lesson 6: Configuring Cisco ASA CX Policy Objects
Lesson 7: Monitoring Cisco ASA CX
Lesson 8: Configuring Cisco ASA CX Access Policies
Lesson 9: Configuring Cisco ASA CX Identity Policies
Lesson 10: Configuring ASA CX Decryption Policies
Lesson 11: Using Cisco PRSM for Administration
Lesson 13: Troubleshooting Cisco ASA CX
Lesson 14: Introducing Cisco ASA NGFW Services v9.2.1 New Features

Module 4: Cisco ASA Cloud Web Security Integration

Lesson 1: Introducing Cisco ASA with Cisco Cloud Web Security
Lesson 2: Licensing Cisco ASA with Cisco Cloud Web Security
Lesson 3: Configuring Cisco ASA with Cisco Cloud Web Security
Lesson 4: Verifying Cisco ASA with Cloud Web Security
Lesson 5: Describing the Web Filtering Policy in Cisco ScanCenter
Lesson 6: Cisco Cloud Web Security Advanced Malware Protection and Threat Analysis

Module 5: Cisco ASA Cluster

Lesson 1: Describing the Cisco ASA Cluster Features
Lesson 2: Describing Cisco ASA Cluster Terminology and Data Flows
Lesson 3: Using the CLI to Configure a Cisco ASA Cluster
Lesson 4: Using the ASDM to Configure a Cisco ASA Cluster
Lesson 5: Verifying Cisco ASA Cluster Operation
Lesson 6: Troubleshooting a Cisco ASA Cluster Operation
Lesson 7: Describing Cisco ASA v9.1.4 and later Clustering Features

Module 6: Cisco ASA Multicontext Enhancements


Module 7: Cisco ASA Security Group Firewall


Module 8: Cisco ASA IPv6 Enhancements