Role Based Microsoft Certification Exams

I had the opportunity to join 16,000 friends at the Microsoft Inspire conference in Las Vegas…and boy was it hot! On the first day of the event three Azure certifications were announced:

Microsoft Certified Azure Developer
Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator
Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

The interesting part of these certifications is that Microsoft is moving to a Role – Based approach for certification and training rather than a product approach. In the past you would see courses titled “Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions” and assume that if your role was an Azure Administrator that course was for you. Moving forward, new titled certifications will make that clear…no more assumptions!

Currently, the Beta exam is available for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification. Candidates who sit for the beta exam assist Microsoft by providing input to ensure the quality of the Microsoft Certification program. Here are the skills measured on the exam:

Manage Azure subscriptions and resources
Implement and manage storage
Configure and manage virtual networks
Manage identities
Evaluate and perform server migration to Azure
Implement and manage application services
Implement advanced virtual networking
Secure identities

If you believe you have those skills, I encourage you to join Microsoft in their efforts to bring role-based exams to market in this initial rollout of the beta exam. It isn’t free ($165.00), but the new certification could be added to your credentials if you pass the exam.

Important note, to earn a certification by taking this exam you must have taken the Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam (533). If you have not taken this exam, you will not earn a certification by taking the beta.

Good luck!