>VMware 4 Advanced!

In VMWare

>You asked for a class that goes beyond the installation and configuration of VMware 4 – we deliver!

This 5-day class will provide students with CLI experience and tools that will help them “get under the hood” of ESX and troubleshoot more effectively. The class uses both CLI and GUI tools to troubleshoot and learn about the ESX environment. This class is approximately 50% lab and 50% lecture. The class ends on the 4th day, with the 5th day as a full lab. This lab will include an advanced Scripted Installation that takes advantage of the commands used in class, additional advanced CLI troubleshooting exercises, as well as a “hands on lab test”. Students who successfully pass the lab test will be awarded a certificate for completion of the lab.


Please let me know if you would like additional information regarding this course.

Looking forward to seeing you in class soon!