>Don’t leave training dollars on the table!


>Has your organization purchased a Microsoft software volume licensing agreement? If so, you may be eligible to redeem Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers and get FREE training for select Microsoft training courses. If your organization doesn’t redeem its SATVs, you could be leaving training dollars on the table!

General Questions

Q. What is the Software Assurance Training Voucher (SATV) Program?

A. Qualifying organizations that purchase Software Assurance from Microsoft receive a specific allotment of training days to be used for technical classroom training. Customers can convert these days to Training Vouchers to be used for select courses taught by Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions. The Training Vouchers are electronic and can be used at any participating Learning Solutions partner location worldwide.

Q. How will customers benefit from using their SA Training Vouchers?

A. The benefits include:
• No need for additional training budget: The cost of the training is already included under the Software Assurance coverage; therefore, no additional budget will be required to send employees to technical training.
• Increased employee skill level: Employees will have the opportunity to take eligible technical courses to increase their overall skill level and help boost their overall productivity.
• Guidance from a Learning Solution Partner: Our Learning Solution Partners have the knowledge to create the perfect training plan for your organization that will ensure the maximum utilization of your Training Vouchers.
• Guaranteed pricing: Microsoft has already set the pricing for the training with the Learning Solutions partners, therefore customers only need to know that one Training Voucher day equates to one classroom training day.

Q. How long does my company have access to the SA Training days given to us under our agreement?

A. The training days given to your organization last for the length of the agreement. Therefore, if you have a three year agreement, you will have three years to consume your training days.

Q. Once a voucher is created from the available training days, how long does it last?

A. Training Vouchers live for 180 days from their creation date. Therefore if the voucher is not used by the designated employee before 180 days, the voucher will automatically be revoked and the days will go back into the company pool of days to be used by someone else.

Q. How does Microsoft decide the number of training days to give to my organization?

A. The number of training days received by your organization was dependent on the number and type of product licenses purchased from Microsoft with Software Assurance coverage.

How It Works

Q. What is needed to get started?

A. A few things will be helpful when getting started. First, ensure you have a list of employees for whom you wish to create Training Vouchers. Second, know the length of the courses for which you want to create Training Vouchers. Finally, go onto the following site: licensing.microsoft.com to create the vouchers. Please note that you will not be required to enter the name of the course, only the length.

Q. What if I created the Training Voucher for fewer days than the class duration, what do I do?

A. The training voucher must be created for the length of the course. If the voucher was created for fewer days than the length of the course because your organization has no additional days to add, then the difference in days must be paid directly to the Learning Solutions partner.

Q. What if I created the Training Voucher for more days than needed for the class, what do I do?

A. If the designated employee uses a voucher with a value greater than the course duration, the Learning Solutions partner will only be reimbursed for the actual length of the course. Unused Training Voucher days will be automatically credited back to your organization once the voucher is paid to the Learning Solutions partner.

Q. I created a Training Voucher accidentally. How do I get the days back into the eligible pool of days?

A. To change the status of a Training Voucher from Assigned back to the eligible pool of days, you must revoke it in the system. Please go to https://licensing.microsoft.com/ to revoke the voucher.

Q. What does the employee need to provide to the Learning Solutions partner when reserving a course?

A. The trainee must provide the Training Voucher number and the email address used when creating the voucher. If one of these items is incorrect, the Learning Solutions partner will not be able to validate the voucher.

Q. What if I, as the Benefits Manager, used my e-mail address when creating the Training Voucher?

A. The designated employee will need to provide your e-mail address when reserving the voucher along with the voucher number. They will also be required to provide their own unique work e-mail address to the Learning Solutions partner to be entered into the system.

Q. Will the employee receive a hard copy Training Voucher from Microsoft?

A. No, the vouchers used for the SA Training Voucher Program are in electronic format only. A designated employee could print out the reservation confirmation page and submit it to the Learning Solutions partner for verification if requested. The reservation confirmation page is sent automatically to the employee when a voucher is created for them at the following site: https://licensing.microsoft.com/.

Eligible Courses

Q. Can Training Vouchers be used for all Official Microsoft Learning Product courses?

A. Training Vouchers can be used for IT Professional and Developer audience training only. A few exceptions apply. They cannot be used for First look Clinics, Hands on Labs, or on Beta courses.

Q. Are Microsoft Dynamics courses eligible for SA Training Vouchers?

A. Some. Dynamics CRM courses are eligible for SATV. Otherwise, Microsoft Dynamics courses are not Official Microsoft Learning Products, and therefore are not eligible for use with SA Training Vouchers.

Q. What if a designated employee wants to attend a class that is not on the eligible SA course list?

A. Training Vouchers obtained through the SA Training Voucher Program may be used only for courses on the eligible SA course list. Please inform the designated employee that he or she may select from the eligible SA course list only.

Training Voucher Redemption

Q. Where do I go to redeem my Training Vouchers?

A. Training vouchers can only be redeemed at participating Learning Solutions partner locations. To find a participating Learning Solutions partner in your area, please go to: http://www.microsoft.com/Learning/classlocator/. Please make sure to click on the box that states “Software Assurance Vouchers Only”.

Q. Can Learning Solutions partners not participating in the SA Training Voucher Program accept SA Training Vouchers?

A. No, only Learning Solutions partners participating in the SA Training Voucher Program under a signed SA agreement may accept Training Vouchers.

Q. Should each designated employee receive a hard copy of the instructor-led Official Microsoft Learning Products student kit?

A. Yes, each designated employee must receive a complete instructor-led student kit from the chosen Learning Solutions partner.

Q. Are Learning Solutions partners required to use a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) to deliver an eligible SA course?

A: Yes, all courses taught by our Learning Solutions partners must be led by a MCT.

Q. Can Training Vouchers be redeemed for training at an IT Academy partner?

A. No, the SA Training Voucher Program is an exclusive benefit for Learning Solutions partners only. Therefore, Training Vouchers may be redeemed only at participating Learning Solutions partner locations.

Q. Can the Learning Solutions partner cash in SATV to keep training days “on account” for customers?

A. No. Learning Solutions partners are not allowed to invoice MSFT prior to delivery of services. Where this happens, Learning Solutions partners will immediately be removed from the program, and we may pursue reimbursement and/or legal action.

Training Voucher Value

Q. What is the value of each SATV?

A. One Training Voucher day equates to one classroom day of training. Therefore, if a course is 5 days long, a 5 day voucher will be needed.

Q. Does the value vary by course type?

A. No, the value is the same for all eligible courses. Therefore, there is no difference in voucher value between a Developer course or an IT professional course. They should both require the same number of voucher days if the course length is the same.

Class Cancellation

Q. How does the trainee cancel a class reservation?

A. The trainee contacts the Learning Solutions partner to indicate that s/he is no longer taking the class. Local cancellation policies apply.

Q. What if a trainee wants to cancel the reservation after the course cancellation date?

A. Your organization will be responsible for the costs associated with a late cancellation.

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