>Deploying Windows 7?


Windows 7 Desktop Deployment Overview

Building on the technologies introduced in the Windows Vista® operating system, Windows® 7 streamlines desktop deployment. Technologies within Windows 7 improve application compatibility, and new tools in Windows 7 help you reduce the evaluation and readiness cycle. Other improvements in Windows 7 include the following:

• Providing more options for engineering and deploying images, which helps you service images throughout the operating-system lifecycle by using a single, consolidated toolset.

• Optimizing deployment with improved driver handling through the Dynamic Driver Provisioning, which reduces image sizes by dynamically matching drivers to Plug-and-Play IDs or BIOS properties during deployment, and then pulls them from a central store.

• Improving delivery with Windows Deployment Services, reducing bandwidth consumption, and improving speed and flexibility by using Multicast with Multiple Stream Transfer.

• Improving the installation experience with faster and more consistent setup, powerful installation task-sequencing tools, and faster transfer of user files and settings.

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