>Return on Investment of Virtual Instructor Led Training


>According to TrainingIndustry, Inc., members of the training profession often debate the hard and soft performance gains from employee training in todays workplace, but on one subject there is no argument. As much as 40 cents of every dollar spent on in-person training goes to travel and lodging costs, studies show. Avoiding that expense should be the primary goal of any learning organization.

LRS Education Services can help you cut out those expenses as you prepare your 2011 training goals by considering our Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) courses.

Here is a breakdown of savings of a standard LRS 5-day Microsoft(infrastructure or develpment) VILT course. This is based upon standard rates plus estimated travel during the training session:
LRS Training $2,095.00
Hotel $400.00
Food $125.00
Car $250.00
Total: $2,870.00
Your Savings: $775.00
Contact me today to find out more about our Virtual Training technology and how I can help you eliminate travel dollars when attending VILT training from one of our facilities!