Recovering Windows from Damaging Viruses

In CompTIA

One of the most devastating types of viruses you can encounter now days is the type that looks like a virus removal program.  It includes pop-ups advising you run scans and “Your system is severally compromised…etc”.   But in fact, those pop-ups and warnings ARE the virus and by the time you see the pop-ups and warning, the damage is already done to your system.

These strains of viruses are almost impossible to remove without losing the functionality of Windows.  These viruses can also remove the ability to receive system updates, the inability to run your Restore from a backup, Internet access is lost and it can delete System Restore Points.  By removing the virus, Windows will typically repeatedly reboot into a “Blue Screen of Death”.   

In a corporate environment, you may simply drop an image on this machine to refresh it.  This option is assuming the user has saved all data to a server and assuming all necessary applications are included within the image.   But what do if re-imaging is not possible?   The Answer is – Complete an In-Place Upgrade on your Vista or Windows 7 computer.

When you complete an In-Place Upgrade on Vista or Windows 7, all data and applications will automatically be saved and recovered and a fresh clean install of the Windows Operation System will be applied.  In our A+2009 – CompTIA® A+® Certification Course, you will learn how to recover a system as described above. 

Our A+2009 – CompTIA® A+® Certification Course, contains up-to-date informative lecture and many very valuable labs on installing, configuring, maintaining, protecting, and troubleshooting workstations hardware and software.  By having the skills learned in this course, you will be more efficient with supporting corporate computers, and your own personal computer.