Programming with C# using .NET Framework 4


Programming with C# using .NET Framework 4

Are you an experienced developer who already has programming experience in C, C++, Visual Basic, or Java?  Do you understand the concepts of object-oriented programming, but would like to gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop C# applications for the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0?

The MS10266 Programming with C# using .NET Framework 4 course focuses on C# program structure, language syntax, and implementation details with .NET Framework 4.0. This course describes the new enhancements in the C# 4.0 language by using Visual Studio 2010.

Here is a sample of what you will learn at course completion:

  • Explain      the purpose of the .NET Framework, and understand how to use C# and Visual      Studio 2010 to build .NET Framework applications.
  • Understand      the syntax of basic C# programming constructs.
  • Create      and call methods in a C# application.
  • Catch,      handle and throw exceptions.
  • Perform      basic file IO operations in a C# application.
  • Create      and use new types (enumerations, classes, and structures), and understand      the differences between reference types and value types.
  • Control      the visibility and lifetime of members in a type.
  • Use      inheritance to create new reference types.
  • Manage      the lifetime of objects and control the use of resources.
  • Define      properties and indexers to encapsulate data, and define operators for this      data.
  • Decouple      an operation from the method that implements an operation, and use these      decoupled operations to handle asynchronous events.
  • Use      collections to aggregate data, and use Generics to implement type-safe      collection classes, structures, interfaces, and methods.

LRS Education Services currently has the MS10266 Programming with C# using .NET Framework 4 scheduled September 24-28 2012, at our Springfield Education Center.

The class is Guaranteed to Run and is also offered using LRS Virtual Training Format. Click the hyperlink for a demo on how you can attend this class from any location.