Server Manager in Server 2012


Server Manager is just one of the updated management tools in Server 2012. I would like to share some of these new capabilities of Server Manager that did not exist in the Server 2008 version.

  • Using one instance Server Manager Console, you can now manage multiple server, regardless of whether they are local or remote and regardless of whether they are physical or virtual
  •  All Server Manager commands can be run from within PowerShell and these PowerShell commands can be exported to XML configuration files which can be used to install Roles or Features on another Server via PowerShell
  •  Grouping Server automatically by roles is a default but you can also group servers based upon location, department or any other method you would like
  •  A new component called Dashboard provides an essential health report of all servers you are managing. It provides the ability to drill down to more detailed report
  •  Supports the ability to simultaneously stopstart services and shutdown multiple servers
  •  Includes built-in troubleshooting of Roles and Features via the Best Practice Analyzers

More information on Server Manager and new features of Server 2012, please refer to the outlines for the following courses: