You’re Too Geeky


Tell the truth.  You went into IT as a career because you like machines better than people.  Your routers never give you any flak when you fire back a surly response to their annoying beeps.  But do NOT get me started on all of the whiny user complaints.  Seriously!

In case you didn’t catch it, the above paragraph is HIGHLY facetious.  If you are an IT support professional then your job has two primary aspects: 1) Keep the technology running smoothly and 2) Keep the users happy with how the technology is running.  See, isn’t that simple?  You only have two responsibilities and I told you what they are.  You’re welcome.  Of course the first one is easy.  Keep tech stuff working?  Piece of cake.  You’re a super geek, super geek, you’re super geeky! (My apologies.)

But the whole, ‘keep the users happy’ one presents a challenge.  That’s not part of the Microsoft Official Curriculum.  Cisco doesn’t test for it either.  Wow.  You may need some help with that.  People often ask me what I do.  My standard response is that “I make geeks geekier.”  It’s true.  I am an IT professional with over 17 years of experience and now I serve as a trainer a Levi, Ray and Shoup.  A large portion of my time is in the classroom bringing other IT pros up to speed on the latest technologies.  However we cannot overlook the ‘keep users happy’ requirement.  In fact analysis shows that IT support professionals spend MORE time interacting with people than with technology.  We were SO not trained for that!

Good news!  LRS Education Services CAN train you for it!  Our Excellence in Technical Customer Service class will make you popular, or at the very least, make your time with non-geeks more pleasant.  This one day course will show you very specific methods on how to communicate with people, resolve conflict, encourage others to learn to resolve problems on their own, master troubleshooting techniques and much more!  In Excellence in Technical Customer Service you’ll laugh, share stories, participate in role plays, and learn and grow in personal relationship skills.  It’s our “Making Geeks Less Geeky” class!  If you are an IT support professional and would like your time with users of all skill levels to be less stressful, and more fun and effective then this is the class for YOU!  Grab your entire team and take it together.  This class is great at an LRS facility but also VERY friendly to being conducted at your site.  No student computers necessary!

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